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The challenges of hybrid cloud adoption find answers in HCI

5 hours 29 minutes ago
Christine McMonigal is director of hyperconverged marketing at Intel Corporation. Never before has the need for businesses to make progress along their digital journeys been more pressing—with more options to evaluate, urgencies to respond to, and complexities to understand in a complex landscape. Shifting demands, fueled in part by the covid-19 pandemic, have driven the…
Christine McMonigal

This NASA spacecraft is on its way to Jupiter’s mysterious asteroid swarms

2 days 7 hours ago
NASA’s Lucy spacecraft, named for an early human ancestor whose skeleton provided insights into our species’ muddled origins, has begun the first leg of its 12-year journey to help us better understand our solar system’s ancient origins. After lifting off from Cape Canaveral early Saturday morning on an Atlas V rocket, Lucy is now headed…
Tatyana Woodall

Machine learning in the cloud is helping businesses innovate

3 days 2 hours ago
In the past decade, machine learning has become a familiar technology for improving the efficiency and accuracy of processes like recommendations, supply chain forecasting, developing chatbots, image and text search, and automated customer service functions, to name a few. Machine learning today is becoming even more pervasive, impacting every market segment and industry, including manufacturing,…
MIT Technology Review Insights

Reimagining our pandemic problems with the mindset of an engineer

3 days 9 hours ago
The last 20 months turned every dog into an amateur epidemiologist and statistician. Meanwhile, a group of bona fide epidemiologists and statisticians came to believe that pandemic problems might be more effectively solved by adopting the mindset of an engineer: that is, focusing on pragmatic problem-solving with an iterative, adaptive strategy to make things work.…
Siobhan Roberts

Getting the most from your data-driven transformation: 10 key principles

4 days 3 hours ago
The importance of data to today’s businesses can’t be overstated. Studies show data-driven companies are 58% more likely to beat revenue goals than non-data-driven companies and 162% more likely to significantly outperform laggards. Data analytics are helping nearly half of all companies make better decisions about everything, from the products they deliver to the markets they target. Data is…
Janice Zdankus, Anthony Delli Colli

Facebook wants machines to see the world through our eyes

4 days 7 hours ago
We take it for granted that machines can recognize what they see in photos and videos. That ability rests on large data sets like ImageNet, a hand-curated collection of millions of photos used to train most of the best image-recognition models of the last decade.  But the images in these data sets portray a world…
Will Douglas Heaven

Covid conspiracy theories are driving people to anti-Semitism online

5 days 7 hours ago
A warning: Conspiracy theories about covid are helping disseminate anti-Semitic beliefs to a wider audience, warns a new report by the antiracist advocacy group Hope not Hate. The report says that not only has the pandemic revived interest in the “New World Order” conspiracy theory of a secret Jewish-run elite that aims to run the…
Charlotte Jee

Podcast: The story of AI, as told by the people who invented it

5 days 10 hours ago
Welcome to I Was There When, a new oral history project from the In Machines We Trust podcast. It features stories of how breakthroughs in artificial intelligence and computing happened, as told by the people who witnessed them. In this first episode, we meet Joseph Atick— who helped create the first commercially viable face recognition…
Lindsay Muscato

AI fake-face generators can be rewound to reveal the real faces they trained on

6 days 10 hours ago
Load up the website This Person Does Not Exist and it’ll show you a human face, near-perfect in its realism yet totally fake. Refresh and the neural network behind the site will generate another, and another, and another. The endless sequence of AI-crafted faces is produced by a generative adversarial network (GAN)—a type of AI…
Will Douglas Heaven

The covid tech that is intimately tied to China’s surveillance state

1 week ago
Sometime in mid-2019, a police contractor in the Chinese city of Kuitun tapped a young college student from the University of Washington on the shoulder as she walked through a crowded market intersection. The student, Vera Zhou, didn’t notice the tapping at first because she was listening to music through her earbuds as she weaved…
Darren Byler

Video: How cheap renewables and rising activism are shifting climate politics

1 week 3 days ago
The plummeting costs of renewables, the growing strength of the clean energy sector, and the rising influence of activists have begun to shift the politics of climate action in the US, panelists argued during MIT Technology Review’s annual EmTech conference last week. Those forces allowed President Joe Biden to put climate change at the center…
James Temple

The moon didn’t die as early as we thought

1 week 4 days ago
The moon may have been more volcanically active than we realized. Lunar samples that China’s Chang’e 5 spacecraft brought to Earth are revealing new clues about volcanoes and lava plains on the moon’s surface. In a study published today in Science, researchers describe the youngest lava samples ever collected on the moon.   The samples were taken from Oceanus Procellarum, a region known for having had huge lakes of…
Tatyana Woodall

After 20 years of drone strikes, it’s time to admit they’ve failed

1 week 4 days ago
After the Taliban took over Kabul in mid-August, a black-bearded man with a Kalashnikov appeared on the streets. He visited former politicians and gave a sermon during Friday prayers at the capital’s historic Pul-e-Khishti mosque. But the man, passionate and seemingly victorious, was no mere Taliban fighter among tens of thousands of others: he was…
Emran Feroz

The Facebook whistleblower says its algorithms are dangerous. Here’s why.

1 week 5 days ago
On Sunday night, the primary source for the Wall Street Journal’s Facebook Files, an investigative series based on internal Facebook documents, revealed her identity in an episode of 60 Minutes. Frances Haugen, a former product manager at the company, says she came forward after she saw Facebook’s leadership repeatedly prioritize profit over safety. Before quitting…
Karen Hao

Creating a better human experience at work starts with trust

1 week 6 days ago
What if managers and leaders at companies focused on a new goal: to elevate the human experience? This paradigm shift is something Amelia Dunlop, chief experience officer at Deloitte Digital, advocates for. She and her team have worked hard to measure the amount of humanity in the workplace—a measurement that often depends on how much…
MIT Technology Review Insights

Millions of people rely on Facebook to get online. The outage left them stranded.

1 week 6 days ago
One of the last messages that Vaiva Bezhan sent on Facebook Messenger on Monday afternoon, Central European Time, was a bit of a cliffhanger—and incredibly time sensitive. The Lithuanian photojournalist is co-organizer of the Afghan Support Group, one of many volunteer initiatives trying by any means possible to help evacuate vulnerable Afghans in the wake…
Eileen Guo, Patrick Howell O'Neill
2 minutes 1 second ago
MIT Tech News
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